Our Story

My name is Ellen Halpin-Barnett and I want to present you my ‘Four Generations Christmas Pudding’. Great Grandma’s lush, fruit filled pudding is flavoured with warm Christmas spices and liberally laced with Irish whiskey.

From Mayo in Ireland to Worcester in England I can guarantee you will not find a taster pudding and I’m happy to allow you to try if you wish to meet the challenge.

I want to tell you also something about the story. In County Mayo in the 1880’s it was steamed over an open turf fire with the pot carefully watched over by Great Grandma. 21st century ease hasn’t spoiled that great traditional flavour.

I am now living in Worcester and carrying on the tradition of making and distributing my Grandma’s lovely puddings. Grandma Lily would be proud that so many of her and her mother’s recipes are being so widely shared and appreciated.

Nana Lily’s Christmas Puddings are brought to you by Ellen, a fourth generation holder of the recipe, combining tradition and scrumptious tastes to bring you this unique and wonderfully light Christmas Pudding.

Ellen is based in Worcestershire but the recipe originates with Ellen’s Great Grandmother back in the 1880s, County Mayo, off the west coast of Ireland.

The fruit filled pudding is soaked for three to four days in Killbeggan Irish whiskey then flavoured with Christmas spices, and contains no nuts or candied peel, producing a lush light pudding.

In those days the pudding would have been steamed over an open turf fire and Ellen’s mother Lily remembers as a child sitting by the fire making sure the puddings wouldn’t boil dry, as her mother, also Lily, made puddings for all of the neighbours in the village of Attymass.

Ellen has always made puddings for her family and friends but it was during the Christmas period of 2015 after the persistent encouragement of family and friends who enjoyed her puddings that she decided to launch them for everyone to taste.

On first day of launch at the Windsor Food Festival, on the hottest day in July over 200 puddings were sold. Tasting is definitely believing.

We launched Nana Lily’s Christmas Puddings in August 2016 at the British Food Festival in Windsor. Our Christmas puddings were enjoyed by all including Michelin Star Chef, Adam Simmonds to the award winning chocolatier and patissier, Will Torrent.